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Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

When the Christmas season comes to a close and all the decorations start coming down, there’s a better way than tossing the into those bulky Tupperware containers, squishing your tree back in it’s box, and piling wreaths and garlands on top of each other!

Here are a few tips and tricks for putting away your Christmas decorations:

1.Ever gotten out your beloved light up tree or glittering angel figure only to find out that the batteries from the year before leaked and corroded the compartment while it was in storage? Save yourself the hassle of cleaning out the compartment and heartache of potentially ruining your figure and remember to take them out!

2. It’s nice and chilly during the winter time, but when summer creeps back around it’s not a good atmosphere for decorations like trees, wreaths, and garlands. Keep them out of direct sunlight to keep them from becoming faded. Leaving these items in a hot environment like attics, sheds, or garages can lead to brittles branches and limbs, or pieces of greenery to just disintegrate! We recommend keeping them in the back of a closet out of the way, but also secure and safe from the elements!

3. Keep your favorite ornaments safe and sound all year in telescoping and fabric lined ornament storage container! This container is reinforced and even lets you adjust the size of the compartments. Great for different sized ornaments or even adding in your tree topper. When it's time to put the ornaments on the tree next year, the telescoping handle allows the ornaments to come up to your height. Gone are the days of bending over and digging through ornament bins.

Tree keeper ornament storage


4. Seem to have a plethora of left over wrapping paper, bows, gift tags, and ribbon left over? Keep everything in one place and ready for the holidays next year with one of our craft organizing station! It keeps all your items organized and protected.

5. Gone are the years of tossing your wreath into a box or a plastic bag and squishing them amongst other décor or stacking them on top of one another only to be crushed- there’s a better way to store your wreaths that will keep them fluffy and help them last a few extra years. Try hanging them on the wall in a closet of spare room! To really step it up, place your wreath in a sturdy storage bag to keep it dust free and sparkly clean!

6. The box that your Christmas tree comes in may seem like a great way to store it in the off-season, but it’s not a great way to have a long-lasting tree life! Those flimsy cardboard boxed are easy for pests to wriggle into, they’re easily ripped, and if there’s a leak- your tree is toast!

Instead of putting your tree back in its original box, try one of our tree storage bags! 

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